When was Highway 60 between Billings and Republic made to be on the southside of the railroad.

April 28, 2017

A question came up as to when Highway 60 from Billings to Republic was made straight.  Bill O’Neil remembered  while in high school they could see men working on  Hwy 60 from the upstairs windows.  Bill was in the class of 1942.  MODOT’s maps  for 1941 shows the old road, going north of the railroad tracks at Billings by Rose Hill Cemetery,  the 1942 map shows 60 hwy on the south side of the railroad tracks in a straight line to Republic,





January 27, 2017

Republic Monitor June 1911


            The new bank has closed a deal for the two story brick building belonging to E. H. Britain and will remodel the front and divide the interior to make it ready for occupancy.  The banking rooms will be on the north side and a partition will cut off the south half which will be used for a store or for some other business.

 (Article one week later)

             A meeting of the shareholders of the new bank was held last Friday and an organization was effected.  The bank will be known as the Republic State Bank and it has a paid up capital of $10,000 with a surplus of $5,000.  The board of directors for the first year are as follows: E. Deboard, J. E. Decker, W. T. King, W. H. Fike, S. M. Hughs, C. O. Short of Iberia, and Chas B. Ousley of Crocker.  The officers elected were: President, E. Deboard;  Vice-president, J. E. Decker; Secy. W. H. Fike; Chas. House, assistant cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Iberia, will be the cashier of the new institution and Ray Groves will be assistant.  The matter of selecting quarters for the business was left to a committee composed of W. T. King, S. M. Hughs and S. E. Decker.



Republic Missouri Thursday September 26, 1929

(Article recopied from the Monitor)


            TO BE A MASONIC HOME

            Fifty or more members of the local Masonic Lodge, has underwriter an amount sufficient to acquire the building formerly occupied and owned by the State Bank of Republic, Which closes its doors in April , 1928.

A committee of enthusiastic workers have been busy on the purchase of the building for the past month, and as a result were successful within a short time in getting approximately fifty members to underwrite the amount of the purchase price.

These signers met and elected a board of trustees who will be in direct charge of the building, and carry out the articles of agreement.  It is the plan of the men who hold the building to convert the build into a Masonic Hall, in a manner that in time the building becomes the property of the lodge.

The contract and all papers in the case have met with the approval of Martin Howard, special commissioner in charge of the defunct state bank.

Just as soon as possible it is proposed to occupy the second floor for lodge purposes, and in the no distant future Republic Lodge will own its own building, an ambition that is worthy of the splendid effort that the members have put forth to acquire.


2017 Bass Pro Tournament of Champions

January 5, 2017

The Republic boys basketball team has been invited to this years Bass Pro Tournament of Champions.  Republic being  winners of the Blue division of the Greenwood  Blue and Gold Tournament will be going up against Sierra Canyon of Chatsworth, California, Thursday January 12, 2017 at 6:30 p.m.   Junior Marvin Bagley III, ESPN’s No. 1-ranked junior in the country is one of the players on this team.  Why is this showing up on the historical society’s web site you may ask.  This is the second time Republic has been invited, so this is history in the making.   If someone  should publish another  Sports Book, (we have LOOKING BACK, A Memoir of Republic Sports 1913-1969, memories are being made  from 1969-2017 ready for another sports book to be published).   Lets all get behind Republic and win this tournament.

The basketball team did their best but came up short.  I will say this group of young men make Republic very  proud.  Ty Stevens took part in the Slam Dunk Contest and did good, was also named to the all-tournament team..  It will go down in history that on January 12, 13, 14, 2017; Treyon Racley (Sr), Hunter Creek (Jr), Trent Rackley (So), Mitchell Coiner (Sr), Ty Stevens (Sr), Devon Ward (Sr), Cameron Doke (Sr), Broc Smith (So), Caleb Singley (Sr), Jeremy Geiger (So), with coaches, head coach  Trevyor Fisher, assistant coaches; Sean Price, Dave Ketterman.  Managers; Chandler Duryea, Dylan Girdley, and Jack Wright, played in the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions.  This group of men showed that Republic is a top ranked team in the Ozarks, and their sportsmanship is the best.

Republic was awarded the Edsel Matthews Sportsmanship Award.  These young people were in front of around 10,000 fans per night, this is a great honor, for the school, parents, teachers, coaches, and the Republic District.

The young ladies in the cheer-leading and pom squads did  fantastic, representing the district in a manner that all should be proud of.

The varsity cheerleaders are; Madison Bateman, Raigan Davis, Kylee Fredrickson, Ella Fry, Amanda Gideon, Allison Gill, Kaylin Glenn, Kyra Holt, Ryleigh Hosp, Haven Lander, Hannah Lee, Jaydra Phouthone-Samms, Alea Robison, Olivia Skeans, Mariah Stanfield, Caitlyn Sturgis, Emilee Sullivan, and Morgan Wojciechowski.

The pom squad members are; Caitlin Calhoun, Katie Groves, Maegen Huyck, Isabel Lopez, Jasey Overholser, Bailey Peabody, Anna Strusz, Karson Thomas, Kayla Warner, and Hadley Wilson.



LOOKING BACK – – – A Memoir of Republic Sports 1913 – 1969 by Leland Brown

November 5, 2016

If you have not had a chance to view our book LOOKING BACK – – – A Memoir of the Republic Sports 1913 – 1969 by Leland Brown, come by the museum 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday’s.   Leland is on hand to sign any and all books.   If you follow the Republic sports program this book is a must to purchase for your library.  The book list a portion of great players that came through Republic, and became leaders in their community.

A picture of Leland and Sue at the book signing on March 26, 2016

LeLand & Sue Brown.jpg

Trivia have you read the book?

There were nine basketball teams between 1960-1969.  How many of those teams had 20 or more wins?

answer:  Eight (the first team had 18 wins).

Republic 2017 Historical Society Calendar

September 10, 2016


The 2017 Calendar is now available, many pictures of older homes, old barns, past basketball teams, cafes, graduating class’s 1937-1947-1957-1967, brides in 1957-1967-1977-1987-1997, past principals, and pumpkin daze honoring Leon Medlin.  One page in Memory of Bill O’Neal who helped start and worked  tirelessly to keep the Historical Society growing.

We give great thanks to those who have worked to put this calendar together, especially to the sponsors who help make it possible for the Historical Society to operate, they are, IRWIN PRINTING, CARS ACROSS AMERICA, REFRIGERATION ASSOCIATES, REPUBLIC TIGER SPORTS, MCDONALD’S OF REPUBLIC, CITY OF REPUBLIC, RUCKMAN HEATING & COOLING, HEAVEN’S SCENT, MEADORS FUNERAL HOMES  AND HINES STREET PHARMACY. Special thanks to Nicole Forrester for all the work she does in the publishing and to Irwin Printing.






Republic 2017 Historical Society Calendar

September 2, 2016


2016 News Letter

June 10, 2016

The May 2016 News letter was just mailed out to approximately 400. High lighting Leland and Sue Brown on their book A Memoir of Republic Sports 1913 – 1969, our volunteer of the year Bill Kraft, outstanding citizen from the past Ruth Snyder, and our great loss of one of our founding members of the Historical Society,  Bill O’Neal  (Bill passed  May 1, 2016 one day before his 92nd birthday) .

One correction  2016 “Have A Blast” city of Republic is July 1, 2016.

If you have not joined the Republic Historical Society dues being $10.00 per year per person, remember this pays the postage for these newsletters to be mailed.


A Question From The Past

April 15, 2016

When and where was the first library in Republic?

From the Springfield Leader & Press, on  March 26, 1937: A library in Republic was open in city hall on April 1, 1937.  A WPA adult education class and some civic groups instigated the idea of the new lending library.  Mrs Florence Brittain, the city collector,was to be acting librarian for the 300-book collection.  The city hall was in the old mill office at the corner of South Main and East Elm Street.

Up date to this article just found in the Republic Monitor dated Thursday, May 26, 1921

Republic to Have a Public Library

Realizing the need of good literature in the community, a movement has been launched that it is hoped will develop to large proportions.  With a desire to do real community work the Epworth League of the Methodist Church has opened a public library in the pastor’s study and a shipment of books from the state library has just been received.  It is the desire of the League to have people who have worthy books they will give:  or books they will loan to the library for a season to bring them to the library or drop a card to Miss Bettie Britain or Rev. Wadlow and the books will be called for and circulated.

Let it be remembered that this is a public library and any responsible person is entitled to draw books according to the simple rules of all public libraries.

Library hours will be Mondays from ten to twelve o’clock:  Wednesdays from seven to eight p. m., and Saturdays from one to three p. m..  Books may be kept out for a period of two weeks.

Annual Christmas Tour of Homes

December 3, 2015

The 16th Annual Christmas Tour of Homes was a great one, with four homes.

The tour was a great one this year with beautiful homes. Thanks to these four families for opening their homes up, this helps in keeping the museum operating.

Danny and Becky Biglieni

Kenny and Ann Owen

Jeff and Linda White

Josh and Faith Mathews

Stop by the museum at 146 N. Main  from 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. on Saturday’s

Obituary Collection

April 12, 2015

We have obituaries in the research area of the museum. If your are researching a family member, the obituary may have information that will list dates or children you do not have in your family tree. The collection began in 2007, with anyone living in the Republic area listed in the obit. People have donated obituaries that were in their collection dating in the 1930’s which have been added. We have them in three ring binders with a card file index. We are trying to record any place the obit appears in print to the files (funeral home, Springfield News Leader. Republic Monitor, etc). If you have need for one of our member’s to research a family member there will be a small fee.  You may contact the society at rob112241@yahoo.com, or 417-732-7702.