Your Home Town First By Dr. Frank Crane


By Dr. Frank Crane


Work for your home Town.

Beautify it.  Improve it.  Make it attractive.

The World War and the Treaty of Peace and the Protective Tariff and all such things are important subjects; but what’s the good of cleaning up the world unless you sweep your own doorstep?

The city whose main street is dirty, sordid-looking, cluttered, uninviting, suffers much.  Such a city wants to be cleaned, recreated, made a thing of beauty, so that people will come miles to see it.

The best advertisement of your business is the town you live in.

Towns get reputations, as well as men.  Make your town talked of all over the State.  It will thus draw people.  And where the people come, there is prosperity.

It does not take money.  It takes something that is scarcer.  It takes cooperation.

Get together.  Organize for civic improvement.  Develop the civic nerve.

Rid your town of eyesore after another.  Clean up the vacant lots and plant them in gardens.  Make a cluttered yard a disgrace.  Make public opinion to hot for those who will not help.

It pays.  It will promote law and order.  It will help in the education of your children.  It will draw factories and other business enterprises to your locality.

Shiftlessness, untidiness, dirt and selfishness, as shown in your streets and buildings, react upon your people.

Such things make your boys and girls grow up hating their home town.

Make your home town children’s paradise, something their memory will longingly turn back to.

Look after your amusements, your parks, your playgrounds, your theatres, and all your other means of commercial enjoyment.

Make your home town happy.

It pays.


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