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A New Book in the planning stages

April 4, 2014

“READIN, RITIN AND RITHMATIC”  A new book to be published by the society pertaining to the Republic Area Rural Schools, and  the Republic Public Schools prior to  the consolidation.  The book will consist of pictures and stories from that time era.  We are so excited to be able to preserve history and include stores and pictures from individual class members from their school or schools.   At this time we are requesting and urging anyone who attended a Republic area school to write a description of their school and tell a favorite story during their attendance, we will have a chapter  for stories from the past if you attended a school out of the area.

No longer do we have a one room school with a coal or wood furnace in the corner or basement, water was pumped from a well outside the building,  most of the rural schools did not have a kitchen,those children brought sack lunches from home if parents could afford a thermos, soup was a big treat during winter months, if a kitchen was available mothers would make a meal for the kids,  bathrooms were outside,  girls on one side of the building boys on the other,  no bus transportation, the board consisted of the dad’s whose child or children  attended their school, pie suppers to raise money, spelling bees, cyphering, map bees on the black board for fun times, outdoor Friday softball games, many different and long forgotten games played during recess or lunch time.  A teacher taught all 8 grades throughout the day, for a few schools,  a young person to the field of teaching would spend the school year with one of the parents.

We urge you to take a trip down memory lane and write your story of how education played a part in your life from a rural or city school  during this time period,  just a good story of how it was in a day of your life attending your school.Pictures would be a treasure to us, any pictures you have please send a copy or email to us.

Please mail all letters to REPUBLIC HISTORICAL SOCIETY        146 N. MAIN          REPUBLIC  MO  65738                IF YOU SHOULD HAVE QUESTIONS  CALL 417-732-7702

OR EMAIL TO           or

More info to follow as we progress..

The area schools were; Bell Victory; Bennett; Beulah; Blades; Bluff; Brick; Brookline; Capernium; Center Point; Grandview; Gray; Green Ridge; Jones; Lindsey; Mt Aetna; Prairie View; Rountree; St Elmo; St Joe; Salem; Sherwood; Wise Hill; Republic Grade School;