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A Question From The Past

April 15, 2016

When and where was the first library in Republic?

From the Springfield Leader & Press, on  March 26, 1937: A library in Republic was open in city hall on April 1, 1937.  A WPA adult education class and some civic groups instigated the idea of the new lending library.  Mrs Florence Brittain, the city collector,was to be acting librarian for the 300-book collection.  The city hall was in the old mill office at the corner of South Main and East Elm Street.

Up date to this article just found in the Republic Monitor dated Thursday, May 26, 1921

Republic to Have a Public Library

Realizing the need of good literature in the community, a movement has been launched that it is hoped will develop to large proportions.  With a desire to do real community work the Epworth League of the Methodist Church has opened a public library in the pastor’s study and a shipment of books from the state library has just been received.  It is the desire of the League to have people who have worthy books they will give:  or books they will loan to the library for a season to bring them to the library or drop a card to Miss Bettie Britain or Rev. Wadlow and the books will be called for and circulated.

Let it be remembered that this is a public library and any responsible person is entitled to draw books according to the simple rules of all public libraries.

Library hours will be Mondays from ten to twelve o’clock:  Wednesdays from seven to eight p. m., and Saturdays from one to three p. m..  Books may be kept out for a period of two weeks.