Republic 2018 Historical Society Calendar


The 2018 Calendar is now available, many pictures  past women’s basketball teams,1922-1928-1974-2004, graduating class’s 1938-1948-1958-1968-1978, brides in 1958-1968-1978-1988-1998, past mayors, from 1918-1928-1938-1948-1958-1968, pictures of the evolution of the schools, and Miss Tigress, 1963-1968-1973-1978-1983-1988.  The front cover is of the 1959 Fall Festival Parade, inside the back page is a map of the City of Republic in 1899.

We give great thanks to those who have worked to put this calendar together, especially to the sponsors who help make it possible for the Historical Society to operate, they are, IRWIN PRINTING, CARS ACROSS AMERICA, REFRIGERATION ASSOCIATES, REPUBLIC TIGER SPORTS,  CITY OF REPUBLIC, RUCKMAN HEATING & COOLING, HEAVEN’S SCENT, MEADORS FUNERAL HOMES  AND HINES STREET PHARMACY. Special thanks to Nicole Forrester for all the work she does in the publishing and to Irwin Printing.

Please support these merchants  its people like them that built Republic.



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