LOOKING BACK – – – A Memoir of Republic Sports 1913 – 1969 by Leland Brown


If you have not had a chance to view our book LOOKING BACK – – – A Memoir of the Republic Sports 1913 – 1969 by Leland Brown, come by the museum 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday’s.   Leland is on hand to sign any and all books.   If you follow the Republic sports program this book is a must to purchase for your library.  The book list a portion of great players that came through Republic, and became leaders in their community.

A picture of Leland and Sue at the book signing on March 26, 2016

LeLand & Sue Brown.jpg

David Brazel  always has a great program and always to a packed house. The banquet room was full of honorees plus well wishers.  Long time head football coach Ed Miller along with the 1963 Republic basketball team, plus cheerleaders and coach Leland Brown were inducted into the Republic Tigers Sports Hall of Fame.  Ed, and Leland each gave speeches along with Callie Newton and Kenneth Bowling who were also inducted. You are really missing out if you have not attended one of the Republic Tiger Sports Hall of Fame Banquets, mark your calendar to watch for the date next June.  You will hear from great Republic athletes of the present and past.

Trivia have you read the book?

  1. Which is your favorite picture in the Blue and Gold Honors 62-63 “Royalty”?

        Ans:  Pictures are on pages 188-190 of “Looking back……

                    Let us know your choice

Leland has come up with more trivia questions, see if you can remember where in the book the answers are.

C.K. “Benny” Leonard started coaching at Republic High School in 1934.   He was hired as Superintendent in 1938.  How many total years did he coach basketball?

Six and one-half years


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