Republic Monitor June 1911


            The new bank has closed a deal for the two story brick building belonging to E. H. Britain and will remodel the front and divide the interior to make it ready for occupancy.  The banking rooms will be on the north side and a partition will cut off the south half which will be used for a store or for some other business.

 (Article one week later)

             A meeting of the shareholders of the new bank was held last Friday and an organization was effected.  The bank will be known as the Republic State Bank and it has a paid up capital of $10,000 with a surplus of $5,000.  The board of directors for the first year are as follows: E. Deboard, J. E. Decker, W. T. King, W. H. Fike, S. M. Hughs, C. O. Short of Iberia, and Chas B. Ousley of Crocker.  The officers elected were: President, E. Deboard;  Vice-president, J. E. Decker; Secy. W. H. Fike; Chas. House, assistant cashier of the Farmers and Merchants Bank of Iberia, will be the cashier of the new institution and Ray Groves will be assistant.  The matter of selecting quarters for the business was left to a committee composed of W. T. King, S. M. Hughs and S. E. Decker.



Republic Missouri Thursday September 26, 1929

(Article recopied from the Monitor)


            TO BE A MASONIC HOME

            Fifty or more members of the local Masonic Lodge, has underwriter an amount sufficient to acquire the building formerly occupied and owned by the State Bank of Republic, Which closes its doors in April , 1928.

A committee of enthusiastic workers have been busy on the purchase of the building for the past month, and as a result were successful within a short time in getting approximately fifty members to underwrite the amount of the purchase price.

These signers met and elected a board of trustees who will be in direct charge of the building, and carry out the articles of agreement.  It is the plan of the men who hold the building to convert the build into a Masonic Hall, in a manner that in time the building becomes the property of the lodge.

The contract and all papers in the case have met with the approval of Martin Howard, special commissioner in charge of the defunct state bank.

Just as soon as possible it is proposed to occupy the second floor for lodge purposes, and in the no distant future Republic Lodge will own its own building, an ambition that is worthy of the splendid effort that the members have put forth to acquire.



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