When was Highway 60 between Billings and Republic made to be on the southside of the railroad.

A question came up as to when Highway 60 from Billings to Republic was made straight.  Bill O’Neil remembered  while in high school they could see men working on  Hwy 60 from the upstairs windows.  Bill was in the class of 1942.  MODOT’s maps  for 1941 shows the old road, going north of the railroad tracks at Billings by Rose Hill Cemetery,  the 1942 map shows 60 hwy on the south side of the railroad tracks in a straight line to Republic,  any help on the exact times please let us know, at rob112241@yahoo.com.

There are some other stories of those working on the highway project, but have not been confirmed.

Just received word from Bob Thurman that he could see construction on the stretch of hwy 60 from his home at 504 East Elm Street, between East Elm Street and South Main Street.  Bob said he was pretty sure it was prior to 1945, when he started School.

Thanks Bob

With the help of all we can keep history alive.

(recopied from article in The Monitor)

The Republic Monitor, Thursday January 15, 1942

Contractors Start on

                   New Super Road

According to Tom Sutton, foreman of the dirt crew which is to prepare the roadbed for the new super highway which will skirt Republic on the south and terminate near Marionville, the highway department has given the go-ahead signal for work on the new road to begin.

When interviewed Tuesday Mr Sutton said that though men and considerable of the material were on location, the starting of the work was being delayed by a significant highway meeting which might mean an indefinite delay.  Tuesday evening he received the word to go ahead and yesterday morning men and machinery swung into action.

There may be delays due to inability to obtain tires for trucks, etc., but the work will go ahead Mr Sutton believes.

Their company’s contract calls for nine miles of work, according to Mr Sutton, but he thinks that the balance of the route to highway 13 east of Marionville has already been let on contractors


I searched the 1943 and 1944 Monitor’s and found no other mention of the work, some think that both 60 highway and 166 highway were completed in 1945 or 1947,  and the Y connected them?  Will keep looking!






2 Responses to “When was Highway 60 between Billings and Republic made to be on the southside of the railroad.”

  1. Dorothy Thurman Says:

    I don’t know when the road to Billings was made straight, but I do remember watching construction of the stretch of Hwy 60 south from Elm around town to connect to Main Street. I could see the construction from our house on East Elm (where Richard and Mary Blanche more recently lived, between Billy Miller’s house and Dr, Mitchell’s house). I’m pretty sure that was prior to 1945, when I started school. I would have been 3 years old in 1942. It’s not impossible I remember something from that early age, but it would be surprising.

    Bob Thurman

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