Early Mills of Republic

Patterson Milling Co. Feb 26, 1920republic-mill.jpgr-c.jpg

The third picture is form a letter head used for the REPUBLIC FLOUR MILLS CO. in 1912


2 Responses to “Early Mills of Republic”

  1. Joyce Bernet Says:

    I am trying to find out about Charles Peter Houtz and which Mills he worked at. He married Elsie Arehart at Republic in May 1899. I know he later co-owned a mill in Dade County with Fred Frye. His daughter Gloria was born at Clear Creek Mill. He and Elsie were teachers in Republic in1898. Would appreciate some help if you have any records. I have pit

    • Bill Robertson Says:

      We have a picture in our history book of the big mill with the men who worked there Charles Peter Houtz is not one of them. He could of worked in the little mill but his name dose not appear in it either. Anyway we do not have any record of him. He could of worked at the big mill before this picture was taken. We don’t have records of the early employees. Sorry I couldn’t give you a date.

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